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At “It’s All Plastic” (IAP), we specialize in custom plastic fabrication solutions.

If you need museum-quality displays for one-of-a-kind items, IAP has built cases for everything from full-size gorilla mounts to baseball caps. We can custom fabricate machine guards for your equipment or sneeze shields for your service trays. We have fabricated clear church podiums and countless personalized storage solutions for valuable treasures.

IAP has fabricated items for these types of commercial businesses and private entities:
• Museums                                               • Zoos
• Historical Societies                                • Sign Shops
• Industrial & Machine Shops                • Hospitals
• Research Facilities                               • Universities
• Artist’s Memorabilia                            • Collectors

Acrylic stand created for display and illumination of liquor bottles on a back bar.

Acrylic stand created for display and illumination of liquor bottles on a back bar.

A recent project created the acrylic stand at left to display and illuminate liquor bottles on a back bar.  It’s a great way to showcase product and can be manufactured to your specifications.

Our motto:     If You Can Think It – We Can Design & Fabricate It!

Whatever you need, we know plastic and can make it for you.  You can rely on “It’s All Plastic” to produce what you need at prices you will find affordable.  It’s all about you at IAP because we care about your needs and listen to what you want so we can meet those needs.

How can we serve you?

The first step with “It’s All Plastic” is to tell us, specifically, what you need to have plastic accomplish for you and/or your business. Whether it’s for protection, clarity, durability, display, storage, or some other requirement, IAP will find an appropriate solution and fabricate it. We have more than 25 years of experience and the capacity for one-of-a-kind fabrications or mass quantity production of 10,000 or more pieces.

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