Specialty Work Projects

At It’s All Plastic, we have the capability of creating your idea out of or enclosed in plastic, especially when it comes to memorabilia, such as a special football card or baseball glove.  Call us to work on your project.  If you can think it, we can make it!

IAP two toy cap pistols encased in plasticThese toy cap guns from 1962 were completely enclosed in acrylic for display.  The case keeps the items clean and dust-free.  Screws at the corners will remove the cover to provide access to the toys.




IAP old baseball glove in acrylic double boxes

This baseball glove from the 1930’s was enclosed in two five-sided acrylic boxes.  One box is smaller than the other and holds the glove while another five-sided box that is slightly bigger slides over the first box, so the glove, while protected, remains completely accessible.



IAP Favre card and car in acrylicThis Brett Favre NFL rookie football card is enclosed in a solid capped block of acrylic to preserve its integrity.  Below it is a metal Hot Wheels-type toy car with Green Bay Packers colors and logo to showcase the professional football team and its one-time star.  The case was designed for display purposes but allows for the items to be completely accessible.



IAP stand up display 2

This is one piece (at left) that illustrates the beginning of a trade show display for a customer that wanted to showcase how water would move through their product.  It is made from acrylic and ABS plastic.  With plastic, trade show displays can become very dramatic and catch the attention of those attending the show.  The prototype is shown below in rough and finished forms.IAP trade show display

IAP bracket piecesThese are pieces of ABS, a strong and economical industrial plastic that can be molded for specific purposes.  These are riveted to downspouts with the client’s brand logo (shown below) to advertise the product for their vendors’ in-store displays.IAP Client Project 2 of 4

IAP Scan ANitrogen gas containment chamber for Merck Pharmaceuticals shown at right featured rings with rubber gloves to handle gas and other materials.  Acrylic case with masking.

IAP Scan BAutographed guitar of John Entwhistle from The Who with spider logo.  Displayed in acrylic case with vinyl stick-on spider web.

IAP Scan C12″ tall by 6″ square acrylic case for displaying candy truffles with sliding trays for easy access at Breezy Hills Winery.

IAP Scan D

Jewelry display case of clear acrylic 2 ft. by 2 ft. and 10 in. deep with two locking doors in back.

IAP Scan ECustom wine bottle display for Breezy Hills Winery (at right) to hold bottles on slight backward tilt for easier to read labels at trade shows and events; made of clear acrylic.

IAP Scan FClear beehive built at left for the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.  Bees can exit to connected aviary .

IAP Scan G

Marionette push-bottom toy with swinging bat and buckling knees encased in square acrylic box on painted wood base.

IAP Scan H



Farm cooperative used tags in 1 and 1/2 inch clear acrylic pockets attached to stained plywood 3 ft. by 4 ft. to keep track of anhydrous tanks to monitor availability,


IAP Scan I


4 ft. x 8 ft. x 6 in. deep PVC display used to put numbers in white squares so slaughter house could light up numbers as needed. PVC used for chemical resistance.