AboutIAP Has 25+ Years of Experience in Providing Custom Plastic Fabrication Solutions for Our Customers

For more than 25 years, “It’s All Plastic” (IAP) has specialized in custom plastic design and fabrication.  That means we know and understand the various types of plastic and related materials so we can find the right solution to fulfill your needs.

At IAP, we generally manufacture products in clear or colored acrylic, but we also use ABS, poly-carbonate, and other plastics if those are more appropriate for your solution.  If you require ultra-violet protection, abrasion resistance, or a different special application, IAP has the material and fabrication skills to select and build precisely what you need.

IAP Hat Box Prototype

Prototype for baseball cap display

IAP hat box sketch

Sketch for baseball cap display idea

We can work from your drawings or help you design your part, product or component to achieve your objective, whether it involves building a prototype or production runs.  If you’re looking for an improvement on an existing design or an attractive display for that special item, IAP’s 25 years of plastic fabrication experience can solve even your most complex tasks.

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Remember, if you can think it, we can design it and build it for you in plastic.  After all, it’s all plastic at our place.